Vaccine Cold Chain

Reducing 50% wastage in cold chain via Blockchain and IoT innovation

What is the problem with Cold Chain today?

The management of Cold-Chain for biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines is challenging. Globally, nearly half of all vaccines are wasted when exposed to unsafe temperature, moisture, light exposure ranges. Cold Chain today is plagued with lost shipments, delays or inefficiencies and manual processes. Temperature sensitive Vaccines are facing the following problems:

  • 25% of vaccines reach their destination degraded because of incorrect shipping
  • 30% of scrapped pharmaceuticals can be attributed to logistics issues alone
  • 20% of temp-sensitive products are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain

What is the problem with Vaccines?

Vaccines are delicate biological substances that gradually become inactive over time and must be kept within recommended temperature range of 2 °C – 8 °C during entire lifetime. Exposure to heat or freezing temperatures, humidity, light exposure can highly affect immunological properties of vaccines and make them completely ineffective. Here are the current challenges:

  • Tracing the vaccines and components
  • Counterfeits and fraud
  • Vaccine recall management

VacChain Traceability and Recall with Blockchain and IoT

VacChain uses Blockchain and Internet of Things sensors to reduce operations cost, predict and mitigate risk, speed the entire supply chain and stay agile to rapidly changing market and business needs. Customers in today's complex Supply Chain demand quality, safety, transparency, agility and speed.

Blockchain and Internet of Things allows us to track Vaccine location and performance, Vaccine journey tracking during the entire Cold Chain; Vaccine authenticity and provenance using Blockchain will help us act quickly in Vaccine recalls.

Why Blockchain?

Vaccine Blockchain network allows

• All participants have tamper-resistant copy of the ledger

• Participants can easily validate information in the ledger

• Privacy and confidentiality features control who can access what information

• Chaincode / smart contracts enable custom business logic and process automation

• Without blockchain, information flows linearly, making visibility hard for everyone

Vaccine Track & Trace provides

  • Vaccine journey and life cycle
  • Point-of-origin (Provenance)
  • Tampering and counterfeiting attempts
  • Change of custody / ownership
  • Trade Compliance
  • Bill of Landing and Customs
  • Supplier performance management
  • Trade Finance

All of this provides better visibility, transparency, lowers risk and cost and simplifies business to business processes.

Verify authenticity & provenance on Blockchain

  • Authenticity & provenance
  • Mitigate risk
  • Enhance end user safety
  • Improve compliance

Track device location in real time

  • Device location & performance
  • No more missing devices
  • No wasted time searching for them

Monitoring & troubleshooting

  • Predict device performance issues
  • Lower unplanned downtime
  • Improve user experience
  • Minimize loss of revenue

Track & trace supply chain anomalies

  • Product journey tracking
  • Trusted, shared bread crumbs
  • Reduce manual efforts & automate process
  • Catch issues early before they become a business risk
  • Track impacted items quickly and decommission for recalls

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

High Performance Transaction Processing & Analytics

Our technology has been built on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™. InterSystems has been named a Challenger in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. InterSystems has been recognized as a January 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Operational Database Management Systems.

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